VickiAmaya (That’s me) is a Twenty Eight year old Fashion and Beauty enthusiast from Birmingham in the UK. Her love of these started in 2012, after a suicide attempt. Going home and facing the reality of living with depression for the rest of her life she found a resolve. She picked herself up off the floor (quite literally) and started living her life from a place of positivity. One of the main things that helped her through that tough time was a love of cosmetics and fashion. This had grown from watching numerous personalities on Youtube. Through the power of these combined loves, she was able to create the image of a confident, brave and happy woman.

After moving to London with her boyfriend and cat in late 2016, VickiAmaya kissed her anti-depressants goodbye. Then turned her attention to creating a community on Instagram where she could share her fashion, beauty and experiences with the world. In May 2017 she created her Blog to further her online presence. By putting her thoughts into words she hoped to inspire and uplift others.

Future Projections

Her goal is to create a charity in which she can help people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. She also wants to create her own Fashion and Beauty range and write a best selling novel about her time with depression.

VickiAmaya currently works part time at Allsaints, drives a Smart ForFour and dreams of buying her first Valentino bag.

VickiAmaya About