How I made my hair silver

Hey Lovelies,

How are you?

Recently I’ve received so many sweet compliments about my silver/grey hair and a lot of questions about the products I use and how I maintain it!

… so today I thought I would make an official post for you all explaining just that.

Before we get going i’d just like to point out that i’m not a hair professional; this is literally what I put together after a little online research and few trips to beauty stores – oh, and a huge thank you to Colour Freedom for the result.

You should ideally aim to have moderately healthy hair when you start this whole process. Yes, it will work either way, but the benefit from taking a few weeks or months to really prep your hair condition will make a huge difference in your result.


I was fortunate that my hair was a fairly natural ash blonde at the start of this process. I hadn’t dyed it in around six months and 70% of my hair colour was totally natural and grown straight from the root. I had previously bleached my hair a few years before but I really didn’t want to go down the powder bleach and mixing bowl route again. To get around it, I hunted for a lightening dye which would also bleach the hair. I found this lightener bleach by Garnier and it worked miracles.

My hair DID go the bright yellow you’ll see on the box, but for all of you hair colour veterans out there, you know this is to be expected. If you’re new to this/are coming from a dark natural hair colour, don’t freak out, it’s all part of the process.

No special treatment here during the application either – just use it like any other hair dye.

Step Two. GO GREY

I left my hair for around two days before adding the grey hair colourant. This was half due to my being lazy and also a three hour emergency drive to my mum on the day I planned to finish it! By all means, you can add the colourant immediately after the dye process, or after a conditioning wash and a short break.

So, back in my home town and in my surprise hotel room bathroom, I used this Colour Freedom hair colourant in the Silver Grey – and I’ve got to tell you: the coverage was incredible!


To keep my hair toned and stop it from fading quickly, I use silver shampoo and conditioner. I frequently pick up different brands to put them to the test. So far, there is no dicernable difference between different brands and price points. Besides, my hair benefits from having a mix up every once in a while!

Sadly for me I have a very oily scalp 🙁 and so I wash my hair every day – I know I’m not supposed to but I hate having dirty hair. Why is this good news for you? Well, i’m washing my hair every day but i’ve found that I only need to retouch the silver tones every three/four weeks: you have a good chance of needing to retouch yours even less! Good for you.

Step Four. STYLING

Following right off from step three, the approach you take to style your hair can really make or break the longevity of your silver locks. I really try to treat my hair with care and make sure to use a few products that help to keep it looking and feeling healthy. I’m talking heat defence, oils, balms and mousses: they make a huge difference and are totally worth the investment if you are serious about your hair quality and colour

After a few posts to my Instagram featuring my silver hair I was lucky enough to have a whole range of styling products sent to me by Colour Freedom to test out for myself! Everything in their range is incredible and has actually become my go-to styling products. In particular,  my heart goes out to their detangle spray which can be found here. My hair usually takes me between five and ten minutes to style, dry and straighten most mornings so I truly do appreciate any product that can get rid of my tangles in a pinch!

Colour Freedom is currently available to buy in any Super Drug store and you can find their full product range here.

I haven’t been paid to mention any of these products in any way, lovelies. This is how I achieved my hair and these are my honest opinions.

I hope this post helps to answer some of your questions and good luck with your own silver hair journey!

Any more questions? Its okay, I usually have too. Please feel free to send me a message (:



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