Making New Friends (In Your Late Twenties)

I tried to write an introduction to this that said I do have friends, I just don’t see them. The problem was I just didn’t say it as bluntly as that. I need to work on not over complicating my introductions. Basically, I still have friends I just don’t get to see them as often as I would like…

I moved out of my hometown and into an apartment with my boyfriend in the summer of 2014. We lived about 40 minutes away from my old neighbourhood so I was still able to see people fairly regularly.

However, when Adam and I took the plunge, moved out of our own apartment and moved in with the in-laws (to-be) something I didn’t consider was that for the foreseeable future my boyfriend would be my only physical friend. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boyfriend and we never have a dull moment but our humour, hobbies and needs aren’t always matched 100% and sometimes we both need to be around other people to recalibrate.

Obviously, I still visited all my friends back in Stourbridge, but it’s a three-hour trip and my little car isn’t the best for fuel economy.

The problem with long distance friendships is that you’re always so busy and with age added into the equation your usually just TOO busy to have that hour phone call that you used to have.

So I existed for around two years by hanging out with my boyfriend, his friends and occasionally visiting my hometown to try and cram in a quick coffee and hangs with the old gang.

That was until a certain orange haired girl graced my Instagram feed…

VickiAmaya Foxxtailz Rockthisrunway KingaKurekx

And I jumped at the chance to speak with her!

Jess (@Foxxtailz) has since been one of the sweetest, funniest and most supportive people I think I have ever known. I’m so grateful that we got to meet!

Since knowing her, I have also met  ‘The Ultimate Squad’, been to London Edge (and going back in September), travelled to London for some amazing events AND even took a trip up to Manchester to eat cake with her and Kinga  (@KingaKurekx). Phew!

VickiAmaya Londonedge

VickiAmaya WahNails

She also introduced me to the ultimate manifesting, life lover and absolute babe, Kitty (@KittyCowell). Who as an added bonus doesn’t live a three hour drive away!! (yaaass)

I didn’t expect it to be so easy to just get along with a new group of people almost instantaneously. It’s not like I’m a horrible person and people hate spending time with me or anything like that. I just thought that making new friends as an adult would be tough work.

After all, these are people that should have career goals, mortgages, regular dental appointments and children. How do I fit in with such a bunch of well established put together people?!

The plain and simple truth is that you fit in because you’re not a six year old sharing (and eating) Play-Doh anymore. You appreciate people for who they are as you get older. There are new stories to be shared, new perspectives to learn and new adventures to be had! Adults (anyone over the age of twenty-two) just don’t have the time for dramas.

Let go of your fears, doubts, anxieties and just be unapologetically you. I’m sure you’ll make a tonne of new friends.


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