What’s with the bracelets, Vicki?

Hey Lovelies, I wanted to write about the friendship bracelets that are currently available on my blog shop! Hopefully, this will give you a little more context as to what they mean to me.

First and foremost they are a way for us to feel more connected to one another. I see you ALL as my best friends, my lovelies, my homies even. You’re the people I talk to the most, who get to see my highs and lows. I want us to feel like one big family. But to me, these bracelets also have a deeper meaning. The way I see it, they are your shining beacon in a sea of lost hope. The knowledge that someone out there is there for you, no matter what! They offer comfort when you need it most.

Back in 2012 I tried to kill myself, it was one of the most isolated and depressing points in my entire life. I didn’t know who to turn to so instead I hide from the world. Having someone to talk to or just the knowledge that someone cared would have been enough. These bracelets provide the words you can’t quite say out loud. They are your source of strength and understanding, that little bit of what you need when you need it! By wearing yours, you are not only signalling that you are important, strong and loved. It also means you are a best friend in the VickiAmaya squad and that you offer care and love to others as well as being cared and loved yourself, by me!

One of the lesser known parts of my bad patch is the severity of self harming. I’m not about to talk in great depths about it today, but just know that I understand the relief it can offer when nothing else is helping. When I was scrolling the depths of Tumblr’s Depression hashtag (in 2012) I came across the elastic band technique. This to those that don’t know is the act of wearing an elastic band and snapping it against your wrist when you feel the urge to self harm. The snap stimulates the same part of the brain as physical harm but is far less destructive. Now, I know my bracelets aren’t elasticated and can’t offer the instant relief, but they can give you the strength to pick up your phone and send a message to some one you love to let them know how you feel.

If you’re ever looking for a sign that you have the strength to get through a difficult period in your life, I want you to look no further than your wrist. To see that bracelet and know that even if you have no one around you to talk to you can reach out to me, or take a quick look at some of these amazing websites (some offer apps too).

These sites can offer support when you need it!

7 Cups



So, without waffling on for much longer. The bracelets are available because I want you to feel like you’re worthy and loved. Regardless of your situation.




  1. 12/01/2017 / 2:03 pm

    That was my thinking Jay. Thank you for the little boost to keep doing this aha x

  2. Jay
    12/01/2017 / 1:54 pm

    Such a touching blog post. Most people wouldn’t think you ever had problems like that in the past because you’re such a happy bubbly person on social media. Keep reaching out to people as it must be frightening to talk about things like this but might be easier if they had someone else who has gone through the same situation. ❤️❤️

  3. 12/01/2017 / 1:43 pm

    Such an inspirational reason. I also love that it turns something negative into something pretty and positive. So proud to be part of the VA squad ❤

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