Why you NEED a positivity playlist – VickiAmaya

To put it simply, because it makes you feel fucking good!

I’m currently sat on my bed, developing a tan, listening to one of my five absolute classics for my own positivity playlist songs. It’s so good that I’m having a little boogie, flipping my ponytail around, throwing my hands in the air, you get the gist…

If you don’t have five go to songs that can pull you straight out of a down day, then you can steal mine from below but I urge you to seriously personalise your positivity playlist.

I started my own (mental) playlist back in 2012 when I had my bad patch (read about that here). There was one song that would always pull me out of a deep, dark depressive day. I related to each verse and the chorus just nailed the resolution. I am of course talking about Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine. It’s one of those songs that just penetrates the soul and really gives you the pep talk you knew you needed!

Since then, I have slowly amassed a small anthology of songs that will perk me right up in four minutes or less (estimation). However, of all the songs there are five that really build me up and lift those dark clouds.

– The Playlist –

  • Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine
  • Darlin’ – Avril Lavigne
  • Fuck You – Sleeping With Sirens
  • My Heart Will Go On – Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox
  • Looking Up – Paramore

I mean, I do also sing these songs at the top of my little lungs so that probably helps. Each one has that perfect message for pulling you away from the downward spiral that you can get trapped in.

So, why not create your own positivity playlist and please feel free to throw it my way, I would love to add to the above with your suggestions!

Until next time lovelies,



How to save money (But still have new clothes) – VickiAmaya

How the hell can you spend money but still save money?! Well my little poppet, let me share my own methods with you. This is how I save money but still have new clothes!

Make your Wishlist your ‘Thinking It Over’ list.

Impulse buys are the work of Satan himself. Have you ever purchased something because it looked so good at the time (usually 2am) but then when it turns up you just don’t know how to style it? Then, you forget to return it so you’re just stuck with it because you’re lazy? Me too, that’s why I use the wish list function on every website as a holding pen for all of my impulses.

Shop Second Hand

Depop has become my best friend for BNWT items. Every pair of shoes with exception to my Platform Vans have come from Depop and they have been almost half the price tag! If you’ve had your eye on something for a little while then give it a search. Ebay, Depop, Charity Shops and Bloggers Instagram Accounts are great places to find your must haves. Bloggers often get sent products that they just don’t have room. Keep an eye on their stories or selling accounts if you’ve seen something you love.

Shop Sale/Outlets

I mean, this one speaks for itself but if you’re shopping in between seasons then you’re bound to find some of the items from your Wish List in the sale. If you’ve ever worked in retail you will know that sales happen every three/four months. This is so that the old stock can be sold off and the new stock can be brought in.
You will also find a whole heap of bargains in outlet shopping centres, they hold the same designer goods but at a much lower rate. You can also search for online outlet stores such as www.theoutnet.com

Discount Codes and Newsletter Sign Ups

Another fairly obvious point but I have saved SO MUCH MONEY with this trick. Sites like ASOS and Nasty Gal are constantly throwing out discount codes. If you pair these with your Wish List items, you’re guaranteed to save some money on those must have pieces!
Plus, most sites will give you a 10% discount code for signing up to their newsletter.

Honey – Free To Join (NOT SPONSORED)

This one, I only know about because of Shane Dawson. It’s a free website extension that will add discount codes to your checkout. I’m always dubious about products that influencers endorse but this one is actually really good. I used it on a recent ASOS order and saved £35.00! The link below is affiliated which means if you use it to sign up, I will earn a small amount of commission but this in no way affects your purchases and I don’t have access to any of your details.


I hope this helps you stay fashionable and out of debt my lovelies.

VickiAmaya Saving Money Fashion Blogger

Lets talk about anxiety

Alright so, Anxiety is something that plagued my life for years. I’ve had anxious thoughts and feelings from as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I used to get this feeling that something bad was going to happen.

I remember always feeling this snap decision in my head. Something in there was saying ‘No’. But, as hard as I tried to fight against it, it would always win. I couldn’t do something because of this ‘No”…

In my teens, I missed a lot of schooling and GSCE coursework. I was constantly at war with my mum, trying to get her to understand but also trying to figure it out myself. Why did I have some horrible voice that wouldn’t let me do the things everyone else could do?

What was wrong with me?

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Daily Skincare Routine – VickiAmaya

VickiAmaya SkinCare

I never thought I would be writing those words as a title for a blog post but it’s very true. I now have a DAILY skincare routine. I’m one of those people. I care about my face now.

Before I dive into the products and application, I want to talk a little but about the reason I now have such a routine. I feel like, a lot of women my age will be able to relate.

It started around July last year. Until then, I wasn’t really bothered. I would maybe moisturise with a bit of E45 cream, sometimes buy a facial wash. Nothing too set in stone. But in July, I was sent a few PR samples of the YESTO skincare range (read here) and really enjoyed having a little morning routine that regimented an aspect of my self care.

I loved the products themselves but didn’t see long lasting results and wanted to try out a few variations of skincare. Who else can relate?

I started looking into a way to get rid of dead skin and blackheads (my main concern) without a heavy price tag. I found a few DIY skincare treats on Pinterest and kept up with them every other week or so. The only problem was that my skin didn’t seem to be getting better. And, like I do with most of my problems… I just gave up trying to fix it.

That was until the lovely angels at Sparkle PR sent me a whole host of moisturisers (and some other goodies) to sample. Now, let me explain. When a PR agent sends you products, you do not under any circumstances have to post them everywhere. Furthermore, you positively do not have to give them the best damn review ever. It’s more that they would like it if you could spread the word about the products. 100% optional. Hashtag not sponsored. You can choose whether to recommend them or not… It’s your choice. 🙂

So, without any further delay. I HAVE to tell you about the moisturiser they sent me because it’s incredible and I have already ordered a replacement with my OWN MONEY!

The Embryolisse Emulsion Hydra-mat Moisturiser and Primer. It’s phenomenal. I won’t bore you with the technicalities because you can read all of that here. However, I do want to say that my skin is SO beautifully moisturised now and my make up lasts ALL DAY LONG. I love it.

Using this moisturiser in my daily skincare routine:

  • Wash face with The Body Shop Shea Butter soap (usually in the shower)
  • Wipe residual mascara/eyeliner with any face wipes (I like these)
  • Apply small amount of Hydra-mat Moisturiser to face and neck in upward sweeping motions.
  • Continue with make up routine (Make Up Routine can be found here)
  • In the evening, Remove make up with Make Up Wipes
  • Wash face with TBS Shea Butter Soap
  • Apply L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream to face (Screw the rules, Find here)
  • Sleep and repeat from the top!

I know that’s a really super simple routine but I feel like it’s the simple things that mean the most in life.

What are some of your favourite skin care products, I would love to incorporate some new products into my life!

2019 New Year Resolutions – VickiAmaya


We’re here again, my lovelies. A Brand New Year. 365 days to experience all that life can offer. I don’t know about you, but this fills me full of joy. How many opportunities do you get to refresh your whole life with your friends, family and rest of the world all in the same mental state?

So, what will it be this year?

Well, I know that I’m definitely going to make some this year (listed below). Last year, I wanted to give myself a bit of breathing space, a less disciplined year and a chance to just go with the flow. While I grew mentally, I sort of stunted my growth everywhere else. In fact, I lost a lot of growth with respect to social media which I loosely mentioned in my previous post.

So, with that…

My 2019 New Year Resolutions (or at least some of them)

  • Reach my target weight and shape
  • Hit 100K on Instagram
  • Up EVERTYTHING relating to becoming a self employed Blogger (Youtube Content, Frequent Uploads etc)
  • Move out of Adam’s Parents house into our own apartment in London
  • Learn a new language
  • Increase Self Improvement and Productivity
  • More Self Care
  • Visit Paris, Venice and the US

I know that isn’t exactly shooting for the stars or anything but I’ve grouped a lot of sub goals under those headings. I’ve been surviving for the longest time, I feel like now I have a chance to thrive. To really show myself what I can do. If you’ve been going through the motions for the past few years, then you will definitely relate to this. Sometimes, you’ve got to tell yourself to give a fuck about yourself. Be your own drill sergeant and cut the crap.

So, what types of resolutions have you given yourself this year? Did you start early or are you yet to make the first move? I would LOVE to know and I”m happy to be a cheerleader for you if you need a little boost to get started. Feel free to put your own list in the comments OR drop me a little message on Instagram.

Happy 2019, Lovelies.