Lets talk about anxiety

Alright so, Anxiety is something that plagued my life for years. I’ve had anxious thoughts and feelings from as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I used to get this feeling that something bad was going to happen.

I remember always feeling this snap decision in my head. Something in there was saying ‘No’. But, as hard as I tried to fight against it, it would always win. I couldn’t do something because of this ‘No”…

In my teens, I missed a lot of schooling and GSCE coursework. I was constantly at war with my mum, trying to get her to understand but also trying to figure it out myself. Why did I have some horrible voice that wouldn’t let me do the things everyone else could do?

What was wrong with me?

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Daily Skincare Routine – VickiAmaya

VickiAmaya SkinCare

I never thought I would be writing those words as a title for a blog post but it’s very true. I now have a DAILY skincare routine. I’m one of those people. I care about my face now.

Before I dive into the products and application, I want to talk a little but about the reason I now have such a routine. I feel like, a lot of women my age will be able to relate.

It started around July last year. Until then, I wasn’t really bothered. I would maybe moisturise with a bit of E45 cream, sometimes buy a facial wash. Nothing too set in stone. But in July, I was sent a few PR samples of the YESTO skincare range (read here) and really enjoyed having a little morning routine that regimented an aspect of my self care.

I loved the products themselves but didn’t see long lasting results and wanted to try out a few variations of skincare. Who else can relate?

I started looking into a way to get rid of dead skin and blackheads (my main concern) without a heavy price tag. I found a few DIY skincare treats on Pinterest and kept up with them every other week or so. The only problem was that my skin didn’t seem to be getting better. And, like I do with most of my problems… I just gave up trying to fix it.

That was until the lovely angels at Sparkle PR sent me a whole host of moisturisers (and some other goodies) to sample. Now, let me explain. When a PR agent sends you products, you do not under any circumstances have to post them everywhere. Furthermore, you positively do not have to give them the best damn review ever. It’s more that they would like it if you could spread the word about the products. 100% optional. Hashtag not sponsored. You can choose whether to recommend them or not… It’s your choice. 🙂

So, without any further delay. I HAVE to tell you about the moisturiser they sent me because it’s incredible and I have already ordered a replacement with my OWN MONEY!

The Embryolisse Emulsion Hydra-mat Moisturiser and Primer. It’s phenomenal. I won’t bore you with the technicalities because you can read all of that here. However, I do want to say that my skin is SO beautifully moisturised now and my make up lasts ALL DAY LONG. I love it.

Using this moisturiser in my daily skincare routine:

  • Wash face with The Body Shop Shea Butter soap (usually in the shower)
  • Wipe residual mascara/eyeliner with any face wipes (I like these)
  • Apply small amount of Hydra-mat Moisturiser to face and neck in upward sweeping motions.
  • Continue with make up routine (Make Up Routine can be found here)
  • In the evening, Remove make up with Make Up Wipes
  • Wash face with TBS Shea Butter Soap
  • Apply L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream to face (Screw the rules, Find here)
  • Sleep and repeat from the top!

I know that’s a really super simple routine but I feel like it’s the simple things that mean the most in life.

What are some of your favourite skin care products, I would love to incorporate some new products into my life!

2019 New Year Resolutions – VickiAmaya


We’re here again, my lovelies. A Brand New Year. 365 days to experience all that life can offer. I don’t know about you, but this fills me full of joy. How many opportunities do you get to refresh your whole life with your friends, family and rest of the world all in the same mental state?

So, what will it be this year?

Well, I know that I’m definitely going to make some this year (listed below). Last year, I wanted to give myself a bit of breathing space, a less disciplined year and a chance to just go with the flow. While I grew mentally, I sort of stunted my growth everywhere else. In fact, I lost a lot of growth with respect to social media which I loosely mentioned in my previous post.

So, with that…

My 2019 New Year Resolutions (or at least some of them)

  • Reach my target weight and shape
  • Hit 100K on Instagram
  • Up EVERTYTHING relating to becoming a self employed Blogger (Youtube Content, Frequent Uploads etc)
  • Move out of Adam’s Parents house into our own apartment in London
  • Learn a new language
  • Increase Self Improvement and Productivity
  • More Self Care
  • Visit Paris, Venice and the US

I know that isn’t exactly shooting for the stars or anything but I’ve grouped a lot of sub goals under those headings. I’ve been surviving for the longest time, I feel like now I have a chance to thrive. To really show myself what I can do. If you’ve been going through the motions for the past few years, then you will definitely relate to this. Sometimes, you’ve got to tell yourself to give a fuck about yourself. Be your own drill sergeant and cut the crap.

So, what types of resolutions have you given yourself this year? Did you start early or are you yet to make the first move? I would LOVE to know and I”m happy to be a cheerleader for you if you need a little boost to get started. Feel free to put your own list in the comments OR drop me a little message on Instagram.

Happy 2019, Lovelies.

Christmas 2018 – VickiAmaya

VickiAmaya Starbucks

The Christmas I stayed at home and ate copious amount of cheese…

I’ve been living with my partner and his parents for the past three years. For anyone that doesn’t know… We moved from our little studio apartment in Malvern to be closer to London. Which basically meant bunking with the parents to save for a little space of our own.

And every year without fail, I haul myself, my boyfriend and a bag of gifts up to the Midlands to see my friends and family. This usually involves a three hour drive up, lots of take out food and a long drive back all within around 24 hours. Then, I usually get ill and spend around a week trying to catch up on sleep etc.

This year, I decided to spend the entirety of December at home, resting up and doing some well needed life admin.

My god, team – It’s been incredible! I’ve been able to sort out all of my little nagging tasks, tidy my room, keep on top of washing, discover a new ‘Lighter’ make up style, re-invigorate my fashion sense and fit in a work Christmas party!

I’ve even filmed a few videos and actually sent clothes back in time for a full bloody refund!!

Granted, I did spend Christmas day in bed with a migraine. Boxing day, though… Boxing day was a day spent with family, food and cheese (because it’s a food group all of it’s own).

So, what have I learnt?

Take time. Take time for rest and recovery. I am not a machine. I cannot run on empty and sometimes a little sacrifice is worth its weight in gold.

December 2018 Life Update – VickiAmaya

So, Hi. I’m back. It’s November (now December) and I haven’t written anything on here for around 4/5 months. I would apologise, but if i’m honest. I’m not really sorry.

A lot has changed for me this past year. I started the year exhausted and I leave it enthused.

So, 2018 was supposed to be the year I ‘Made It’. The year we got the hell out of dodge and saw the world. I held it with such a high regard and then let it all slip away.

The funny thing about dreams is that if you stop believing in them, they stop happening.

But instead of dwelling on the could have, would have and shouldabeens (I’m saving those for a rainy day). I’m instead going to write about what did happen this year. I feel like that’s a way better story than wishing I could start the year again.

Life Update:

I made new friends! I’ve written about this previously, but I feel its worth mentioning again. Jess, Kitty and Emily, you girls are my angels and  love you all so much. I can’t believe I went 28 years without having a bunch of inspiring, creative and caring girls behind me. You gave me a group of friends at a time when I had so few.

Moving away from home is always tough. Out of sight, out of mind… But I can’t complain because by loosing some old friends, I have made some life long ones. I didn’t realise how alone and isolated I had become until I started hanging out with this girl gang. Seriously, thank you babes!

I lost 5000+ Instagram followers and found my clarity. I was OBSESSED with the inner workings, the numbers, the upload schedule, the updates. You get the point. I had been consumed by the app and felt like it ruled my life. That was until I broke a light bulb and couldn’t upload anything new. I then took a spontaneous few months off. Honestly, if you’re trying to carve a living from your own little corner of the internet, then I applaud ALL of your efforts. This shit is hard af.

Since starting to post again, I have only lost followers and you know what… It sucks, it really does. But, I still have an amazing, caring following and I still want to help people so I’m just rolling with the punches. You’ve got to take the lows with the highs. You can’t just throw in the towel when the going gets tough can you. I’ve done that my ENTIRE life and it’s finally time to face the music. I know it will get better, I will get better and I can still make a career out of this. It just takes time.

My darling Adam and I made it to four blissful years together. God, I love him. He pulled me out of the depths of a deep, dark depression and showed me what love is supposed to feel like. I often ask him if he can find me again in the next life because I honestly cannot bare to be without him anymore. Did you know that, I was convinced that I would never meet my ‘true love’? I treated relationships like fashion trends. Fleeting between boys and not really putting any heart into them. That was until Adam came along. If you’re in love then you’ll know how this feels.

I never, ever knew I could feel so whole.

I went back to full time employment. Not a decision I took lightly, I’ll have you know. Within two months of being there I have also been offered one of three promotions. On thing I have always beaten myself up for is my inability to take pressure in a job and work my way up in a role. I have always cracked under the pressure of a full time job. I was convinced the other staff members hated me. Or, my home life was in shreds so I couldn’t handle keeping up appearances of having my shit together.

This time around, I did it right, I worked my ass off and it’s so nice to see the pay off.

I went a whole year without a mental breakdown. It sounds silly but it’s true. Every year prior to this one, I have had to have time off work because I’ve been unable to function. It has felt like a huge achievement to not take time off for stress or anxiety.

Am I a little sad that I’m not a millionaire business woman with all my dreams coming true? Of course I am but I’m also happy. I survived another year and I achieved some amazing things.

Everyone is on their own journey in life. We all peak at different things, in different ways and at different times. So, please don’t feel like you’re playing catch up with everyone else.

Lets see what the next year has in store, shall we?!