Update – 2019 into 2020 (or a long overdue list of thoughts)

Oh boy, It’s been a little while hasn’t it… I know I am long overdue with an update and luckily this quarantine has got me knuckling down to get things off my to do list.

Let’s start with the big one shall we? I’m a big fan of ripping off the plaster (band-aid for my US readers) in one quick motion…

I lost my Dad last year. 18th October 2019. He was 61.

It’s been unbelievably tough and I know I’m never going to feel better about it but I’m doing okay. Such a strange thing to write an update about…

It’s funny because it’s the little things I miss more than anything else. I miss asking for music recommendations. travel tips, terrible jokes and referencing TV shows with him.

I’m not going to go too deeply into it as it gets harder to come out of if I think about it for too long. By that I mean, all the things we can’t do together anymore or all the things he won’t be there for. I’ve found it easier to try and move forward with my life and not dwell on the loss.

Now that update is out the way…

I turned 30!

That’s right, I’m an eighties baby and I hit the big three zero in 2019.
This is something I never thought I would have achieved as I spent most of my teens and early twenties depressed and suicidal.
It’s a strange thing to be older than my parents were when they had my sister and I yet still not own a house, my own car or have any kids.
However, I will say that I think the world has changed SO drastically over my lifetime that those expectations are just ridiculous now.
My Mum was 24 when she became pregnant with my sister, at the same age I had only just met Adam and was still taking anti depression medication. I still hadn’t held a job for longer than a year.
It’s silly to have such archaic viewpoints of the world which revolve entirely around the generation before us who hadn’t experienced the same upbringing that we have.

I stuck out an office job for longer than a year!

Probably my proudest update.
I’ve held a job at the same company for two years (I hit 2 years in August, if you’re curious).
For anyone that doesn’t know, blogging/influencing isn’t my main gig. I also work for a telecommunications company that provides decommissioned or recycled products to the global telecoms market.
I’ve worked my ass off since starting in 2018 and I now have a small team that are fantastic. It sounds silly but I really love my job. It helps that my manager is super understanding and that my work pals are incredible (Yes Lorna and Georgia, I’m talking about you!)

I (finally) went to Paris (Favourite Update)!!

To honour one of my Dad’s plans, I made sure to take a trip to Paris in February 2020. Originally, he was going to go and see the Da Vinci exhibition at The Louvre but unfortunately the tickets were sold out by the time we had booked our travel and hotel.
This was only the fourth time I’ve been on holiday and my first time in France. As soon as the world recovers from Coronavirus, I’m planning on travelling there again!

Eiffel Tower at Night

We stayed at this hotel which was a five minute walk from the Metro and around fifteen from Montmartre.
I cannot begin to explain how meaningful the trip was for me. Also, I have a small amount of Video footage that I’ve been meaning to edit into a mini vlog.

I saw my favourite artist again after 6 years!

Are we even friends if you don’t know that my favourite artist of all time ever is City and Colour?!
Well, late last year he announced an upcoming UK tour and I pounced on the tickets! He performed almost entirely acoustic on the 29th February at the London Palladium and he was (as he always is) phenomenal.
He even played my favourite song; Day Old Hate.


I’m pretty sure that despite Covid-19, I’ve really grown a lot this year. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and I’ve really taken the time to understand my needs. I know that 2021 is only a few months away and it’s still filled with uncertainty but here’s to a blessed 2021.

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