Valentines Outfit Ideas

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It’s fast approaching, the day of love. The day to send flowers, chocolates, fluffy teddy bears and to get that fondue a bubblin’. Cupid’s been shooting his arrows, the shops are full of heart prints and Barry White’s greatest hits is stuck on repeat. I’m going to admit something to you all. I’m not that big on Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love spending time with my boyfriend (we’re nearly four years in)! But, I can’t help but feel this celebration has been massively commercialised.

In previous years I have spent Valentine’s Day sitting in my pyjamas, watching shitty B movies and eating my body weight in junk food (the simple things haha). In fact, me and Adam and have spent a few like this too (get a guy who can do both, am I right?!)! This year, we have agreed to do the same. Well, I say agreed… in reality its because I’m working and we’re too unbothered to book a restaurant. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t put together an amazing outfit for if I were going out.

Who says romance is dead!

The Outfit

I love pairing Red with White or Red with Black, so the simplicity of this denim skirt an t-shirt combo really ticks all of my boxes. Added in a long duster coat too for these cold winter days. Pair with vans during the day and then with a simple or statement heel to elevate it into suitable night time attire. The amazing thing about all of these pieces is that they’re not too hearted and sloganed up that you don’t have re-wearability. A factor that I hold with the highest of importance when purchasing clothes for an event or occasion. Also, how cute is the little polka dot bag?! Who could resist that for £12.00!


If it is that you’re finding yourself in Singlesville: Population You, this Valentine’s Day. Why don’t you get some of your other gal pals round and have a horror movie feast and pampering session (like I used to, way back when!). Or, even better… Treat yourself to some of those Valentine’s goodies because you deserve them and no one could ever love you as much as YOU love you!


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